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1276+High quality mods already available on Miinq
Download cars for Assetto Corsa from Drift, Street, Race, Touge, Stock, find all types of cars as individual downloads and as Packs to enjoy solo or with friends.
Download tracks for Assetto Corsa from Comp Drift Tracks, Circuits, Roads, Touges, Point to point, Hill-climb, Free-roam & all kinds of other wacky, fun & wild tracks from the imaginations of the community.

What is

Miinq is a desktop app built to provide a better experience using mods on Assetto Corsa. Miinq allows you to download, update, share mods just in 1 click. The goal of Miinq is to simplify your experience whether you are a player or a content creator. We want to make what’s boring, easy.

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Content hosting & Versioning system
Upload your file and we’ll host it for you in a secure place. No more Google Drive to handle and keep up to date. Miinq also include a versioning system to notify users when a new update is available.
Secured private content (coming soon)
Miinq allows you to protect your mods using a password or just keep it private.
Miinq Content & Community
Miinq’s goal is to build the best tool to provide the best content for Assetto Corsa with ease. Join the community and start sharing mods with Miinq to make assetto corsa better.


Create a custom session within 1min.

Wanna go a for a quick ride with your friends but you all have differents versions and some of them don’t have some mods at all ? Select the mods you want to play, copy the displayed list and share it with your friends. They’ll be able to quickly download all the mods with the right version using the file you sent.

Running a championship.

You’re about to run a championship, you have to share a lot of cars with all the participants but it has to stay private ? No worries, go on Miinq, upload the pack of cars / tracks, protect it using a password, share the password with the participants. If you need to update the pack, participants just have to click on “update” on their miinq app and miinq will download only new changes.


Miinq is made by a small team. Our goal is to deliver the most helpful and easy to use product. Managing your mods manually can be very annoying and painful either as a player or a content creator. We knew we could automate a lot of things here by building an app. That's why we started to build Miinq. Get in touch if you want to be involved in the project

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Join us if you want to interact with us or with other content creators. You'll be able to find many information on our Discord such as beta access, releases and more

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